About Us

W iser Together is a trail-blazing initiative seeded by the World Cafe to nurture and support powerful partnerships across generations so we can address the critical issues of our time together.

B ased on strong friendships and mutual respect, egalitarian partnerships, collaborative inquiry, and a common set of guiding principles and participatory approaches, Wiser Together provides opportunities for people of all ages and stages of life to break out of age-specific silos, create shared visions, and engage in collective action.

S ince the initial “Multi-Generational Collaboration for the Common Good” pilot in 2004, Wiser Together dialogues have been hosted at key conferences and in other settings around the globe, generating excitement and a sense of possibility for evolving a new paradigm that fosters catalytic engagement and collaborative action across generations.

T here are ideas and resources throughout this website to help you spread the Wiser Together meme in your own life and work; we invite you to join us and use them to co-create a thriving world for all generations – now and in our shared futures.

I nitial Collaborators include a number of key friends and colleagues. There are many others who have expressed interest over the the years and we invite you to contact us if you’d like to be listed so that others can know of your work in the field of multi-generational collaboration.

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