T here are more generations alive at this moment than in any other time in human history, and we need all of our unique contributions and perspectives to discover innovative paths forward. There are many complex, systemic challenges that require creative and interconnected solutions that can take us beyond “business as usual.”

A core competency is needed to address these challenges; the capacity to become “wiser together” — across sectors, across stakeholder groups and other traditional boundaries – including those between generations. Becoming “wiser together” is crucial in order to confront the challenges that otherwise divide us.


T here is a great burgeoning of approaches that offer proven doorways for engagement across sectors, drawing upon collective intelligence and delivering wise action. World Café, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, the Art of Hosting, Circle practice and a host of other methodologies for becoming wiser together are now being used across the globe to engage people in dialogue around complex issues. Unlikely allies are coming together to generate collaborative outcomes within government, business, education, health, and NGO’s.

Yet generations remain effectively isolated from one another — operating in generational “silos” that do little to take synergistic advantage of the broad range of assets being brought by both younger and more senior leaders. The time is right for civic innovation and collaborative processes for engaged action to be used to integrate the knowledge, perspectives and unique expertise of each generation in close partnership around issues of common concern.



Amy LenzoContext